A 34 year old United States national has died after testing positive for Covid-19 and reportedly for several days initially refusing to be hospitalised despite a doctor’s recommendation that she visit a medical facility for further treatment.

Dead is Kaishundra Davis.

Miss Davis, who was reportedly pregnant, was a guest at the Hedonism Hotel II in Jamaica when she became ill.

Reports are Davis, who was reportedly a diabetic, checked in to the hotel on August 11 this year. 

Two days later Davis fell ill.

An antigen Covid-19 test was done which confirmed that Davis had the virus.

The US national was placed in quarantine at the hotel and visited by a medical doctor who suggested that she be hospitalized.

It’s understood that Miss Davis refused to leave the hotel.

She also did a PCR test which confirmed that she had Covid-19.

It’s understood that when her symptoms deteriorated Miss Davis again refused to be hospitalized and signed a ‘refusal to be hospitalized’ form.

On August 16, Miss Davis was reportedly found unresponsive on the floor of the hotel. 

When she eventually became responsive she reportedly indicated that she felt dizzy but would  visit the hospital a few hours later.

A few hours later, Davis reportedly told Hotel staffers that she wished to go to the hospital as her condition had deteriorated.

Arrangements were made to transport Ms. Davis to the Noel Holmes Hospital.

On August 21, Davis was transferred to the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

She died this morning.

It’s not immediately clear whether Ms. Davis was vaccinated.