Minister of Health, Dr. Christopher Tufton, says the Covid-19 virus is still a threat to Jamaica.

This comes following reports that Covid-19 numbers have been on the rise in the American region in the past weeks. Dr Tufton said this while speaking at the launch of the United Nations Children’s Fund’s CanGIVE Initiative.

The Canadian initiative is a project focused on enhancing Covid-19 vaccine delivery and increasing vaccine confidence in 12 countries.

Dr Tufton says the health ministry is seeing a resurgence in infection rates as well as deaths from the virus.

Dr Tufton states that the ministry is not just combating Covid-19 but a collective resistance to the vaccine by some Jamaicans.

Dr Tufton reminded those in attendance of the effectiveness of vaccines. He listed viruses and illnesses that have not been detected in Jamaica in years due to vaccines.

Dr Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health