The country’s COVID-19 positivity rate stands at just over 18%

That’s according to the Health Ministry’s latest update.

The Ministry is reporting a positivity rate of 18.1%

It follows the testing 733 samples, of which 118 returned positive results.

The majority of the positivity cases recorded were in Kingston and St. Andrew, which recorded 35 cases, while Portland has seen an uptick to  record 15 cases.

118 cases remain under investigation.

There were 2 new deaths recorded in the update. 

This brings the total number of Jamaicans who have died from COVID-19 to 3-thousand 2-hundred and 52.

There were 75 recoveries recorded in the update. 

The number of Jamaicans hospitalised with COVID-19 has moved to 114, 20 are moderately ill, 5 are severely ill, while 6 are considered critical.

More than 80-percent of those hospitalised are unvaccinated.