Government MP Damion Crawford and PNP Vice President, Senator Angela Brown Burke, were embroiled in a war of words on popular social media platform; Facebook last night.

It appears that Mr. Crawford, who’s in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, fired the fist jab at Senator Brown, who’s also the Mayor of Kingston.

Since the middle of last month reports have been swirling that Senator Brown Burke was among those who opposed the installation of Mr. Crawford in the PNP safe seat in North Trelawny.

This after he was rejected by PNP delegates in the constituency he now represents in parliament, East Rural St. Andrew.

Senator Brown Burke rejected the claims then.

Last night the pair engaged in a bitter spat on the popular social media platform that sent a clear message that no love was lost between them.

Mr. Crawford, who left the island for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where he assisted the Ralph Gonzalves administration secure another term in office, mentioned Senator Brown Burke in a tweet last night.

He wrote, “Thank God Angela Brown Burke punishment never extend to St. Vincent, up here nice.”

Senator Brown Burke responded later, “Damion lef mi name alone, ask Ralph if a nuh me tell him fi mek yuh come.”

Crawford hit back four minutes later, “Angela Brown-Burke, Ralph not even mention you as someone to say hello to…your influence nuh pass William Grant Park”.

Senator Brown Burke later wrote on her facebook page that her experience in raising four sons, who at times behaved in an attention seeking manner, had prepared her for tantrums.

She wrote that she was praying for continued wisdom in dealing with childish behaviour from adults.

The row between the pair forced the intervention of former North East St. Elizabeth MP, Kern Spencer.

Writing on twitter, Mr. Spencer said, “come on Damion Crawford and Angela Brown Burke. This cannot be the way. I went through hell and back and I hold no grudges. Let’s settle this.”

A long standing member of the PNP, Robert Finzi Smith then tweeted a message to Mr. Crawford, asking him to call him as soon as possible.