The outgoing MP for East Rural St. Andrew, Damion Crawford says he declined an invitation by the PNP to represent the party in the constituency at the next General Election, after being beaten in a selection contest by businessman, Peter Blake.

Mr. Crawford says he was asked by PNP General Secretary Paul Burke and other senior members of the officer corps to run again in the constituency.

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Recently, Mr. Crawford threw barbs at Mr. Burke and PNP Vice President, Angela Brown Burke, on social media.

Senator Brown-Burke has refuted claims that she called for Mr. Crawford to be punished for his actions.

She also denied allegations that she was opposed to the outspoken MP being named as PNP caretaker in the Northern Trelawny.

Mr. Crawford says he’s not engaged in a war with the influential pair.

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Damion Crawford, MP for East Rural St. Andrew, speaking in an interview with Nationwide News.