Member of Parliament for East Rural St Andrew, Damion Crawford, is encouraging students of non-traditional high schools to rise above the odds and achieve academic success.

Speaking yesterday at the Tarrant High School in St Andrew, Mr. Crawford said given the history of Jamaica’s education system, students of some schools are all but doomed to failure, before they’ve even sat their first exam.

Damion Crawford is imploring students of non-traditional schools to fight against a system that he believes has written them off from the start.

Speaking not just to the students of Tarrant High, but to students across the island, the young parliamentarian says success will only come if they focus.

Mr. Crawford says, given the lack of resources in some schools when compared to others, academic success is an uphill battle.

But he says that is a battle which must be fought.

Mr. Crawford says the indiscipline of many students is what’s preventing them from achieving their goals.