PNP Vice President, Damion Crawford, says he wants to lead the People’s National Party and Jamaica as Prime Minister.

However, he’s questioning his future in representational politics if he’s defeated in the East Portland by-election. Mr. Crawford is being asked to represent the PNP in the upcoming by-election to replace deceased former MP, Lynvale Bloomfield.

Speaking on Cliff Hughes Online this morning, the PNP VP says if the electorate is unwilling to accept his brand of politics he may leave politics.

PNP Vice President Senator Damion Crawford believes becoming President of the Peoples’ National Party would provide him with the ultimate opportunity to influence the future of Jamaica.

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However, Mr. Crawford says he’s uncertain whether he’s willing to rebuild if he were to lose the by-election.

Despite being asked to consider East Portland, Mr. Crawford is expressing some hesitancy.

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Mr. Crawford argues he’s unwilling to change his politics to suit the people.

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Mr. Crawford was previously ousted from the constituency of East Rural St. Andrew during a selection process.

However, the 38-year-old politician and businessman says there’re many other ways for him to influence the nation in the direction he would like to take it.

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