The National Housing Trust, NHT, says credit reports will not be used to deny contributors access to loans.

Several people on social media have been expressing concerns that the NHT’s planned use of credit reports will make it harder for people to access loans.

But Senior General Manager at the NHT’s Customer Relations Management Division, Dr Lanie-Marie Oakley-Williams, says credit reports will only be used to verify information from people applying for more than 5-point-5 million dollars.

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Dr. Oakley-Williams says all NHT contributors are still entitled to a loan.

However, she says the Trust still has to manage those funds wisely.

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In the meantime, the Opposition PNP is expressing concern with the recent announcement that the NHT will be requiring credit reports from some of its borrowers.

In a statement today, the Opposition says the requirement of a credit report is unnecessary. It says it’s a bureaucratic and a penal process, which contributors should not be asked to face.

The Opposition says the NHT already has a very extensive assessment regime.

Opposition Spokesman on Housing, Luther Buchanan, says home ownership must remain a deep-seated part of Jamaica’s development as a nation. He says nothing must be done to prevent the common person from owning a home.

And Opposition Spokesperson on Land, Senator Sophia Frazer-Binns, says nothing must be done to put a damper on the NHT. She calls it ‘one of the unsullied examples of how public institutions should work for our people.’