Some 300 lives have been saved annually in Jamaica owing to the interception of contract killers by the Jamaica Constabulary Force before they carry out the act.

That’s according to the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the Crime Portfolio, Fitz Bailey.

He was speaking on Nationwide this morning on the issue following the contract killing of a British man, Sean Patterson on Monday, January 2 at a villa in St. James.

The Police say Patterson was involved illegal activities overseas.

Nora Gaye Banton Reports:

DCP Bailey says the interception of contract killers in these cases was based on intelligence and a quick threat-to-life response by the Police.

According to DCP Bailey, between 2017 and October this year, the Police also nabbed over 60 persons who were contracted to carry out hits on people in the country.

In the latest contract killing case in relation to Patterson, the Police have taken a man into custody.

DCP Bailey has said the JCF and United Kingdom police will continue working together on the investigation.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner says both rich and poor Jamaicans are hiring contract killers.

He disclosed that in one instance a woman was offering someone x to kill another female due to relationship issues.

Meanwhile, DCP Bailey says the Police are going up against contract killers who are operating in an organised network.

Fitz Bailey, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the Crime Portfolio.