Crime Stop Jamaica, says only 2% of all tipsters demand a reward.

Manager of Crime Stop Jamaica, Cherise Bruce Douglas, says the anti-crime initiative is launching a campaign aimed at promoting an ‘informer culture’.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

The Crime Stop Jamaica boss says it’s important that people get comfortable reporting crimes.

Mrs. Bruce Douglas says between January and March this year, Crime Stop received 193 tips, a 3% increase over the corresponding period for last year.

She says that’s likely due to a drastic decline in tips last year due to people’s focus on COVID-19.

Crime Stop says among the categories of tips received were those regarding illegal firearms, murders, tips relating to the location of narcotics, gunmen and illicit goods.

It says through these acts of bravery, Crime Stop was able to boast a one in seven success rate, that is for every seven calls, at least once crime was solved.

Between the period, Crime Stop says calls assisted in the seizure of 10 illegal firearms and more than 85-kilograms of marijuana.

It says tips also led to 22 arrests— a 69% increase over the corresponding period for last year.

Mrs Bruce Douglas says Crime Stop also takes tips on incidents of domestic violence.