The Opposition People’s National Party affiliate, the Patriots, is describing as unfair, comments made by Peter Bunting’s campaign manager, Dr Dayton Campbell, that the party’s Shadow Cabinet hasn’t met in months.
Omar Newell is president of the PNP Patriots.

Mr. Newell says the one who emerges successful in the party’s internal elections next month, will have a hard task reuniting the organization.

It’s one of the reasons why Mr Newell says the affiliate has refused to publicly endorse any of the candidates.

He says the Patriots must be among those helping the party to heal after next month. 

Concerns were raised recently about the delegates list of the Patriots, to be used in the presidential battle.

But Mr Newell says it’s still awaiting approval from the party’s internal committee. 

Omar Newell, President of the PNP Patriots, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.