The Caribbean Union of Teachers, CUT says Education Ministries across the region are more concerned about protecting CXC’s reputation instead of doing what’s in the best interest of the students sitting exams.

CUT President Dr. Garth Anderson says he is disappointed with the response of Jamaica’s Education Minister Fyaval William to concerns being raised by his administration.

Dr. Anderson notes that CXC should be held accountable for what he calls it’s inadequacies.

Hykel Nunes has more in this report.

The CUT president is responding to comments made by Education Minister, Fayval Williams who told our news centre last evening that the deadline for SBA submissions was June 30.

Dr. Anderson is calling on Minister Williams not to be tight lipped about the inadequacies of CXC, instead he says the Education Ministry should put the welfare of students first.

Dr. Anderson noted that ongoing discussions about CXC’s response to exam challenges, has impacted the institution’s reputation.

He added that the Education Ministry should call them out on their flaws.

The CUT president notes that it’s unfair to leave students at the mercy of decisions made by CXC, which he says is not in their best interest at this time.