Caribbean Examinations Council, CXC, CEO and Registrar, Dr. Wayne Wesley, says students are doctoring their exam results.

Dr. Wesley notes that students are tampering with the results to participate in the rumors that are circulating on social media about issues with the grades received this year.

He adds that persons who tamper with their grades can be prosecuted.

Dr. Wesley says there are no issues with CXC’s grading system.

The CXC Registrar is urging persons to file a formal report about issues concerning their grades.

Dr. Wayne Wesley, CEO and Registrar of the Caribbean Examinations Council, CXC.

Meanwhile, former Head Girl of the St Andrew High School, Latonya Clayton says Dr. Wesley’s statement indicates that he does not understand the concerns of the students:

Ms.Clayton says she was shocked when she received her grades.

The former St. Andrew High Head Girl notes that she participated in the petitions being circulated about discrepancies with the CXC exam results.