Tyrone Reid reports

Former People’s National Party, PNP Member of Parliament for North West St. Ann, Dr. Dayton Campbell, says he will meet with the National Executive Council NEC, before confirming if he’ll contend for the position of PNP General Secretary.

Dr. Campbell told our News Centre this morning that the PNP should resolve its affairs privately, before speaking about them in the public domain.

He adds that he’ll update the public on his decision this week.

Nationwide News understands Dr. Campbell is being considered in influential PNP circles, as the front runner to succeed Julian Robinson as the party’s General Secretary.

PNP Deputy General Secretary, Basil Waite, has reportedly expressed interest as well in succeeding Mr. Robinson.

Dr. Campbell notes that he will meet with the NEC before making his intention known.

Dr. Campbell is urging party members to change how they resolve issues in the party.

He says party members, should arrive at a consensus, before spilling information about a dispute to the media.

Although Dr. Campbell is uncertain about the level of unity in the party at this time, he is expressing confidence in the ability of party members to coalesce around a common vision.