Convicted Jamaican-born sniper, Lee Boyd Malvo’s life sentences for a series of murders committed in the United States have been overturned.

Malvo was sentenced to life imprisonment 15-years ago for a series of sniper killings committed in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

Malvo’s life sentences were overturned in a judgement delivered today by the United States District Court in Virginia.

The judgment also means Malvo will now be entitled to re-sentencing with the possibility of parole.

The court found that Malvo’s constitutional right to be sentenced as a juvenile was not taken into due consideration when he was sentenced to life in prison.

Executive Producer at Fox 5 in Washington DC, Terri Toliver, has been following the story.

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She says consideration is to now be given to the fact that Malvo committed the crimes while he was 17.

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Miss Toliver was speaking this earlier afternoon with Cliff Hughes on Nationwide 90 FM.

Malvo’s case has now been sent to to the Spotsylvania County Circuit Court for a new sentence.

A similar challenge regarding Malvo’s life sentences in Maryland is due to come up for hearing on June 15.

In 2002, Malvo and his mentor, John Allen Muhammad, were convicted following a series of sniper attacks which shocked the United States.

Ten people were killed during the shootings which last several weeks.

Muhammad was executed in 2009.

In a recent Fox News interview, Malvo who’s now 32-years old blamed Muhammad for his fate.

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