Head of the Kingston West Police Division, Senior Superintendent, Cornwall “Bigga” Ford, says a deadly battle is brewing between rival gangs of gunmen in the Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town communities.

He was speaking in the wake of yet another deadly shooting incident in the Division on Wednesday, which left a 14 year old girl dead and two other persons nursing gunshot wounds.

SSP Ford was upbeat and optimistic about his plans to rid the Division of violent criminals, after taking over the reins from Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor who had enjoyed some success in the area.

That was in late April.

But since then gun violence has spiralled out of control as gangsters fight for control of the downtown Kingston business district.

Speaking yesterday on Nationwide@5, a frustrated SSP Ford confirmed that the the heavily armed gangs are fighting for control of a lucrative extortion racket.

SSP Ford says the authorities have sought to mediate with the gangs, but to no avail.

SSP Ford says gangs from Matthews Lane and Tivoli Gardens have ring fenced the extortion racket.

SSP Ford says crime is being fed by the hypocrisy of certain influential persons in the Division.

Meanwhile, SSP Ford says the police have taken five persons into custody in relation to yesterday’s shooting death of the14-year-old girl.