Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Lloyd B. Smith is calling on the JLP to do something about the MP for South West St. Catherine, Everald Warmington.

Mr. Warmington has been condemned for calling the Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna, a ‘Jezebel’.

Mr. Smith was presiding over proceedings in the House on Tuesday, when Mr. Warmington used the slur.

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Meanwhile Mr. Smith is dismissing claims that MPs tend to be more disruptive, when ever he sits in for the House Speaker, Michael Peart.

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Lloyd B. Smith, Deputy House Speaker, speaking with Nationwide News yesterday at the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

And the PNP Youth Organization and the PNP Women’s Movement have launched an online petition for South West St. Catherine MP, Everald Warmington to be suspended from the House of Representatives.

The petition calls for Mr. Warmington to be removed from the House and suspended from Parliamentary sittings for one week for his conduct.

It’s aiming to attract 10,000 signatures over three days. It will be delivered next week to the Speaker of the House, Michael Peart.

The petition, which is on ‘’ is titled ‘Suspend Warmington for Disrespecting Women – Stand Up for a Mature Jamaican Parliament.

Jamaicans are being called upon to add their signature for Mr. Warmington to be disciplined.