There’s no way Mario Deane could’ve survived the severe beating he received while in custody at the Barnett Street Police Station in Montego Bay last month.

That’s according to renown American pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, who yesterday independently observed the autopsy on his body.

Dr. Baden says the hemorrhaging in Mr. Deane’s brain made regaining consciousness impossible.

Dr. Baden says it was the brain swelling and hemorrhaging that finally killed Mario Deane. He says given the severity of his injuries, it was impossible for him to survive.

Dr. Baden was speaking at a press conference this morning in Montego Bay, St. James, before boarding a flight out of the island at the Sangster International Airport.

He says Mr. Deane would’ve been unconscious within seconds of the first set of blows.

He’s repeated that Mr. Deane could not have fallen from a bed, resulting in his death.

Dr. Baden says the continued investigation of the police and INDECOM, along with the autopsy report, will tell who delivered the fatal blows.

Mario Deane died on Independence Day, August 06. Three days after he was brutally beaten, allegedly by fellow inmates.

Dr. Baden has ruled his death ‘a homicide’.

He’s also detailed multiple impacts to his face, head, and brain. He’s said Mr. Deane had two broken bones in his face.

Dr. Baden says there was also compression to the neck, in addition to blunt force trauma.

He says it would’ve taken powerful impacts to fracture his cheekbones.

AND, Dr. Baden says if it becomes necessary, he’ll be prepared to give expert testimony in court.