The attorney representing the family of Mario Deane, Miguel Lorne, says his clients felt disrespected by the approach of agents of the government seeking to assist with the funeral expenses for their loved one.

Mr. Lorne has defended the decision of the Deane family not to accept any government assistance as they prepare to lay the 31-year-old to rest next Sunday.

Miguel Lorne says one agent of the state recently telephoned Deane’s mother, Mercia Frazer and made what he’s describing as a most insensitive request.

Nationwide News understands that it was a PNP functionary rather than a government official, who made initial contact with the Deane family about providing assistance with burial expenses.

The co-convenor of lobby group Citizens Action for Principle and Integrity, CAPI, Dennis Meadows, says the family was displeased with that approach.

Mr. Meadows is calling on Jamaicans to make a donation to the Mario Deane burial fund through any branch of Scotia Bank, via account number 823-837.

Jamaicans abroad can also contribute via the website www-dot go-fund-me dot-com-forward-slash-dm-3218.

Meanwhile Mr. Lorne says one corporate area funeral home operator has made a significant contribution to Mr. Deane’s funeral.