Two reputed members of the alleged Clarendon based Police Death squad implicated by audio evidence in a series of murders have been ordered to return to the Home Circuit Court in Downtown Kingston on November 7.

Constable Collis Brown and Detective Corporal, Kevin Adams, are both accused of being members of a death squad which reigned terror in the parish.

Brown and Adams are among several Policemen jailed by INDECOM in connection to its Clarendon probe.

The two Policemen appeared before Justice Viviene Harris on Friday.

Brown and Adams were ordered to return to Court on November 7.

Then arguments will be heard regarding several statements served on the defence.

Brown, otherwise known as Chuckie, and Adams, were remanded. All of their co-accused were earlier this year granted bail.

Brown is represented by attorney, Norman Godfrey. Adams’ lawyer is Churchill Neita. Peter Champagnie appeared in Court on behalf of Brown on Friday.

Nationwide News understands that on the last occasion the men were denied bail, INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams played for the Court audio said to be the voice of Adams detailing his and Brown’s involvement in unlawful killings.

Adams reportedly glared at Chuckie Brown as the men sat in the dock and the audio was played.

Detective Corporal Adams is accused of four counts of murder and conspiracy.

He’s accused of murdering Anthony Trought in, 2012, Andrew Bisson and Sylvester Gallimore in 2011 and Adif Washington last year.

In 2013, it was reported that masked gunmen invaded the May Pen Hospital and executed Washington who was earlier shot in Milk River but survived.

In April this year, INDECOM’s Commissioner told the Court that ballistics evidence has sinced linked spent shells found under Washington’s hospital bed to a licensed gun which was issued by the Police Force to Detective Corporal Adams.

Chuckie Brown is also facing four counts of murder, conspiracy to murder and wounding with intent.

On July 1 this year, the Constabulary which was then led by Former Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington, issued a statement which read” –

“The Police High Command is not aware of any ‘death squad’ that was operating in Clarendon or anywhere in the police force, neither was any of the men based in Clarendon a part of any ‘death squad’.

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