A witness in the trial of three alleged members of the so-called Clarendon-based Police Death Squad gave his account of the killing of Andrew Bissoon in the Supreme Court this afternoon.

The witness also identified three members of the constabulary, Detective Corporal Kevin Adams, District Constable Carl Bucknor and Constable Howard Brown, as the men who pulled the trigger.

All three are on trial for the 2011 murder. But, Defense attorney Valerie Neita Robertson, challenged the witness’ account calling him a liar. The prosecution is being led by Caroline Hay.

The witness says in September 2011 he was an informal taxi operator based in Clarendon. He says on September 5 he went to the property in question to have his car examined by a mechanic.

According to the witness, while he was waiting, about 18 members of the constabulary descended on the property. He said they shouted “Police! Nuh man no move!”

The witness says while at the property the police, led by the three men on trial, took about eight men from one structure on the premises to another.

According to the witness, during questioning Bissoon identified himself to the three policemen who were leading the operation.

The witness says, the three policemen– who were dressed in plain clothes–took Bissoon, back to the board structure.

The court heard that while, Bissoon was in the board structure alone with the policemen he said “Mi daddy a police.”

According to the witness, one of the defendants replied, “Me nuh care yuh daddy a wah! You a go dead!”

The witness says following that exchange several explosions were heard.

The court heard that Bissoon was then dragged from the board house and thrown into a car that drove away from the scene.

The witness says the other men were detained. But, defense attorney, Valerie Neita-Robertson, said the witness lied while giving his evidence.

First, Mrs Neita-Robertson challenged the name under which the witness signed his statement to the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM.

Under cross-examination, the witness admitted he gave five statements to INDECOM. But the witness says out of fear he only gave his correct name to INDECOM this year.

Queen’s Counsel Neita-Robertson suggested to the witness that he lied in another statement he signed not using his correct name.

Also, while identifying the defendants, the witness identified Corporal Adams as ‘Chucky Brown’.

Queen’s Counsel Neita-Robertson suggested to him that he was lying. She also suggested to the witness that the defendant in the dock is not Chucky’ Brown.

And she went on to argue that the witness was never at the scene. He denied those claims.

The witness will resume his evidence at 10 tomorrow morning.