The main witness in the first of the so-called ‘death squad murder trials’ this afternoon denied that he received gun shot wounds in 2012 because he was implicated in a gang feud.

The witness was responding to questions from Defence Attorney, Norman Godfrey, who represents accused Police Constable, Collis ‘Chuckie’ Brown.

Brown and fellow Constable Rohan Morrison are accused of wounding with intent and murder in connection with an incident in February 2010 where the witness was shot and injured.

Another man was also fatally shot during the 2010 incident.

While responding to questions from Mr. Godfrey this afternoon, the witness admitted that he was also shot in 2012. But he denied that he was shot by gunmen or as a result a gang feud.

The witness also denied that he used to frequent an area in Clarendon called Big Yard.

Mr. Godfrey asked the witness – do you know a place called big yard?

The witness told Mr. Godfrey that the only time he has ever heard mention of Big Yard is during a song by dancehall entertainer, Vybz Kartel.

The defence attorney again suggested to the witness that he told the Police that he used to frequent Big Yard in Clarendon.

The witness denied the claim and said Police personnel who took his statement in 2010 may have written what he did not say.

During cross examination this afternoon, the witness admitted that when he gave a statement to the Police in 2010 he had said that at one point he could barely see the faces of the Policemen who he later accused of shooting him.

However, Prosecutors intervened and accused Mr. Godfrey of failing to highlight sections of the same witness statement where the witness had implicated Constables Brown and Morrison in murder and shooting with intent.

Presiding Judge Jennifer Straw responded by directing the defence attorney to ask his questions without excluding relevant information.

The witness also denied suggestions by Mr. Godfrey that he told a series of lies to the Police during a statement he gave in 2010.

That statement led to the Constables being charged.

The witness told the Court today that he may have omitted some details from his 2010 statement due to his ill health.

He told the Court that when he gave the statement tubes were in his, nose, chest and penis.

The witness had given a similar explanation yesterday when defence attorney Godfrey suggested to him that he had made false claims during the statement he gave to he Police in 2010.

The Attorney for Constable Brown is to resume his Cross Examination of the witness tomorrow.

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