The rift in the governing People’s National Party over the decision of the party’s executive to accept former JLP politician, Joan Gordon Webley as a member, is intensifying.

On the weekend, the PNP’s powerful National Executive Council, NEC, refused to endorse the decision.

Government Senator and influential party elder, KD Knight, is publicly asserting his objection to the move by the party’s executive, to accept Joan Gordon Webley as a comrade.

Senator Knight is also downplaying reports of a verbal clash with PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke at the meeting of the NEC last Saturday.

Mr. Burke is among the leading supporters of Mrs. Gordon-Webley’s application.

KD Knight says in the absence of more information, he simply does not want Joan Gordon Webley in the PNP.

Mr. Knight says it’s important that the PNP investigate Gordon Webley’s motive.

Nationwide News sources at the NEC meeting on Saturday say Knight and Paul Burke clashed during heated discussions about Gordon Webley’s membership application.

It’s understood that Burke was challenged by Senator Knight to explain to the NEC precisely what it is that Gordon Webley can offer the PNP at this time in her political career.

Our sources say Burke, a firebrand comrade in former years, told the veteran Queen’s Counsel and former National Security Minister that he’d not be intimidated by him.

But KD Knight says that’s not how it went down.

He says there’s no hostility between himself and Paul Burke.