Defense Attorney Bert Samuels says the proposed legislation to allow Prosecutors to appeal rulings is troubling and signifies there is what he calls an unseen hand at play.

He says the legislation could see persons acquitted of crimes being forced to fork out exorbitant fees to defend their case before the court a second time.

The Jamaica Bar Association says it’s also reviewing the proposed legislation before commenting extensively.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

Mr. Samuels says there’s already uncomfortable delays in the justice system.

He says this additional layer will put the system in what he says is an unfavorable light.

According to Samuels, the legislation will result in further delays in the court system.

He says acquitted persons won’t have peace, having to wonder whether their case will be called up before the courts again.

Meanwhile, our News Centre contacted Jamaica Bar Association President Emile Leiba for a response to the proposed legislation.

But Mr. Leiba says the entity is reviewing the legislation before commenting.