A 13-year-old student of Green Island High School in Hanover is suspected to be the first dengue fever related death in the parish over the last year.

The student, Leonard Forrester, reportedly fell ill approximately two weeks ago. He died in hospital last Wednesday while being treated for dengue fever like symptoms.

The boy’s father, Clinton Forrester, says when his son initially fell ill he treated him at home with Panadol. But when Leonard became worse, he was taken to a private doctor in Green Island.

Leonard was then taken to the Noel Holmes Hospital in the parish before being transferred to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St James where he died while undergoing treatment. Tests to confirm the presence of dengue fever is being awaited.

Mr Forrester says he’s traumatised by the death of his son.

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Meanwhile, Councillor of the Green Island division, Marvell Sewell also expressed sadness over the death of the Lenard Forrester.

Mr. Sewell is also upset the government didn’t give the Green Island area more priority considering areas of risk to dengue fever infection.

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Both were speaking with Nationwide News.