Telecommunications giant, Digicel, has pulled advertising from Zip FM.

This as backlash continues against the radio station following an interview with criminal accused Ramone Silvera.

Silvera, who says he’s a professional clown, was caught on tape this week in what appeared to be intimidation of and harassment of passengers in a taxi in downtown Kingston.

Silvera’s actions were universally condemned on social media and he’s to appear in court in January to answer to assault charges. However, ZIP FM, invited Silvera on to its station for an interview. Following the appearance he was presented with a gift wrapped bat.

The actions of the radio station has since been universally condemned, and they’re set to lose millions in advertising dollars.

Digicel is the first to pull its advertising from the station. In a statement on its social media, the telecoms said the action of ZIP FM was unacceptable. Digicel says it will be pulling advertising from the station for 30 days starting immediately.

Nationwide Online sources indicate at least four more major brands, including some in the food and beverage industries, are contemplating similar moves.

In several statements on their official social media channels yesterday and today, ZIP FM tried to distance themselves from the interview.The company said, it does not support criminal activities, and that the views expressed by Silvera are his own.

The company also said they only authorised a short clip to be posted to their official social media channels after an editorial review process. It says the clip that ended up online was recorded by an outside party.

Meanwhile, the company said the gifting of a bat to Silvera was an individual action and was not sanctioned by the station.

The Ocho Rios, St Ann-based company is one of Jamaica’s most listened to stations. They are also one of the most followed on social media.