Telecommunications giant, Digicel, has hired a Jamaican private security consulting firm as it’s intensifying investigations into the alleged involvement of a US company in a multi-million-dollar organized crime racket.

Digicel has also taken out a lawsuit in the US against the Oregon-based internet telecoms company, UPM Telecom.

The Irish Times newspaper is reporting that Digicel has hired private investigators Shields Crime and Security Consultants to help it investigate the allegations of fraud.

Shields Crime and Security Consultants, which is based in Kingston, is owned by Jamaica’s former Deputy Police Commissioner, Mark Shields.

According the Court documents, UPM Telecom is being accused of engaging in a multi-million-dollar organised crime racket designed to defraud Digicel units in Haiti.

Digicel’s Haitian operations is considered one of the largest and most profitable parts of its empire.

The company has also called in the Haitian police to help it investigate what’s being described as “bypass fraud”.

According to the Irish Times, the Haitian police have arrested persons in Haiti who Digicel has described in the court documents as “co-conspirators” of UPM.

Contacted this afternoon, Mr. Shields declined to comment.

Digicel’s Pacific’s Public Relations Executive, Gillian Power, told our news center the company would not comment on the dispute because the matter is currently before the Court.