A special report into construction on the Pediatric Ward of the Savannah La Mar hospital in Westmoreland has recommended disciplinary procedures against the Hospital Administrator, Ward Manager, Supervising Nurse and Doctors on duty during an incident in early August.

The investigation was prompted after a disgruntled parent posted a video on Facebook showing construction taking place on the ward, while sick children are in beds.

The report also recommends a formal apology from the hospital’s management to the families of the children who were placed in the active construction zone.

The report says the re-tiling of the pediatric ward was necessary because the floor had what was described as “huge craters” and “potholes”.

It says the surface was uneven, causing staff to often trip, creating both a safety and health hazard, as the floor could not be properly cleaned.

However, the report says there was a deviation from the proposed plan of action to fix the floor.

It says this went unnoticed due to a lack of supervision.

The report notes that the steps outlined in the implementation action plan were not followed.

Barriers to protect the occupants of the ward from harm were not erected.

And, there was no security placed at the site to compensate for the fact that the electronic system that controlled access to the ward was disabled to facilitate the construction.

It says children were noted on the video to be in beds and cribs in the construction zone without being attended to by any staff or parent, while workmen were actively traversing the area.

The report also notes poor customer service.

It cites the Hospital Administrator to whom the disgruntled parent who recorded the video had initially complained.

It says had she acted appropriately and in keeping with established guidelines, the outcome might have been different.