Disgraced former Manager of the National Commercial Bank, NCB’s Operations Center Andrea Gordon, is to set to lose a significant portion of money which she pillaged from the bank’s coffers.

High level representatives from the country’s Financial Investigations Division, FID have signaled that they intend to pursue forfeiture proceedings against Gordon who fleeced the bank of millions of dollars over a three year period.

The application for a forfeiture pecuniary penalty order is to be filed under the Proceeds of Crime Act, POCA.

A pecuniary or penalty order is one in which the defendant is ordered to pay to the state an amount equal to the value of the benefit which he or she received from their criminal conduct.

The court is to deliberate on whether Gordon had a criminal lifestyle and has benefited from her general criminal conduct.

Gordon, who’s 52 years old, pleaded guilty to multiple criminal charges including larceny and money laundering in the Home Circuit Court in Downtown Kingston yesterday.

She was remanded by Justice Lorna Shelly Williams.

The Court heard details of how investigations revealed that Gordon unilaterally accessed NCB’s system and fleeced up to 1-hundred-and-11-million dollars.

However, she was indicted for stealing 34-million dollars over the period 2017 to 2020.

The Court was told by Prosecutors that when confronted by NCB’s internal anti-fraud investigators, Gordon wept and said she had her back against the wall.

The former NCB Manager alleged that she stole the money to take care of a cousin who was badly ill.

However investigations showed that Gordon who was being paid 11-million dollars per year, had used the money she stole to carry out major upgrade work on houses she bought, including the installation of a movie threatre.

She also splurged on clothes and personal accessories.

The former NCB employee was stationed at the Bank Headquarters in St. Andrew which is called the Atrium.

She’s to be sentenced on May 31 this year.