President of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services, TODSS, Egeton Newman says some transport operators are planning to protest the decision to forego a fare hike that would have taken effect this month.

Mr. Newman is however appealing to those stakeholders to hold strain.

Late last week, Transport Minister, Daryl Vaz confirmed that an agreement was reached between the Government and major players in the transport sector to postpone the planned fare increase.

The agreement followed a top-level meeting involving Minister Vaz, Finance Minister, Dr Nigel Clarke and members of a transport stakeholders group.

One of the reasons advanced for the postponement was the inflationary impact of an increase at this time.

Mr Newman says the promised increase could materialize later this year.

Meanwhile, Mr Newman says while the decision to postpone the fare increase is a difficult pill to swallow, sector interests expect the government to make good on other commitments.

Egeton Newman, President of TODSS.

And, Opposition Spokesman on Transport, Mikael Phillips says he’s not surprised that the fare increase has been deferred.

He says his disappointment lies in the fact that the government is yet to table a comprehensive transport development plan.

According to the leadership of the transport operators groups, they’ve been asked to prepare proposals on ways to improve the sector.

These proposals are set to be presented at the next meeting of the Transport Operators Steering Committee.

But, Mr. Phillips is unhappy at what he views as the Minister’s abdication of his responsibilities..

Mikael Phillips, Opposition Spokesman on Transport, speaking on Nationwide This Morning on Tuesday.