Nationwide News understands that there’s growing disquiet in the Opposition People’s National Party after Portia Simpson Miller did not attend a meeting last night where she was expected to reveal the date when she’ll resign as President.

And pave the way for East Central St. Andrew MP, Dr Peter Phillips, to assume the leadership of the party.

A joint PNP parliamentary group and Executive meeting took place at the party’s Old Hope Road Headquarters in St. Andrew last night.

About 40-persons reportedly showed up for the meeting. Mrs. Simpson Miller was not among them.

It’s understood that the meeting was not formally advised of the reason for Mrs. Simpson Miller’s absence. But some Simpson Miller allies say the PNP President did not show up as she’s mourning the death of her sister.

It’s understood that an increasing number of influential comrades, including some former supporters of Simpson Miller, are upset about what they say are mixed signals being sent by the PNP President about the date for her resignation.

Initially, Mrs. Simpson Miller was expected to step aside as President by next month.

However, it’s understood that some persons close to her have encouraged her to remain as PNP President until after the budget debate in April.

It’s further understood this is not going down well among members of the PNP’s top brass and several MPs who’re pushing for Dr. Phillips to be allowed the opportunity to contribute to the 2017/2018 budget debate as party president and Opposition Leader.

It’s understood that a meeting of the PNP executive is to take place in the coming days to respond to Mrs. Simpson Miller’s perceived indecision.

At that meeting, a date may be set for her resignation and the formal transition of leadership to Dr. Phillips.

Sources say the date will then be communicated to the PNP President.

In December last year, Mrs. Simpson-Miller advised the National Executive Council of the party that she’ll not be seeking re-election as leader at the PNP’s annual conference in September this year.