The island’s District Constables are seeking a 150% salary increase from the government.

That’s according to President of the United District Constables Association, UDCA, Damian Pryce.

The demand follows the group’s rejection of a 60-percent increase made by the Finance Ministry, as part of the government’s ongoing compensation review exercise. 

Mr. Pryce says district constables have been underpaid for decades. He says regular constables currently earn 100-percent more than his members.

The UDCA President was speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Ricardo Brooks and Tauna Thomas.

In a joint statement with the Jamaica Police Federation and the Police Officers Association, the UDCA described the government’s most recent compensation offer as unacceptable.

He told our news centre the requested 150-percent increase would take district constable’s salaries up to just about 1-point-5 million dollars. 

Pryce says his members on average currently earn a little over 60-thousand dollars monthly.

He notes that if the district constables accepted the government’s offer, it would not be a true reflection of the work they do.

The group has not yet had a response from the government to its demand.

The UDCA President says his group is awaiting word from the government before deciding their next step.

Damian Pryce, President of the United District Constables Association.