The Chinese Government says its companies must ensure they’re eco-friendly when operating in other countries.

China’s Ambassador to Jamaica, Tian Qi, told Nationwide News his government is encouraging its companies to protect the local environment.

The Ambassador was speaking recently with Nationwide News at the signing ceremony for the Belt and Road Initiative, BRI.

The Chinese company, Jiuquan Iron and Steel, JISCO, came under fire recently due to concerns over possible health hazards posed by it’s operations in Nain St. Elizabeth.

Mr. Qi says it’s the duty of all governments to protect the world’s green heritage.

Jamaica is the fifth Caribbean nation to sign on to the initiative preceded by Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Guyana and Barbados.

Through the initiative the Chinese are expected to invest heavily in a country’s infrastructure and economy.

However, it has come under fire from other nations particularly the US for potential exploitation.

But, Mr. Qi argues that what China has accomplished in Jamaica and the mutual benefits derived speak for themselves.