The leaders of the groups representing the country’s doctors say they are encouraged by a recent decline in Jamaica’s COVID-19 positivity rate and hospital admissions.

But they’re noting that a lot of work is left to be done to bring the numbers to acceptable levels.

Over the past few days, Jamaica’s COVID-19 positivity rate has ranged between 14% and 19%.

This compared to approximately eight weeks ago when the positivity rate was over 40%.

Medical Association of Jamaica, MAJ President, Dr. Andrew Manning says the current numbers are encouraging.

Approximately 4-weeks ago, over 440 people in Jamaica were hospitalised with COVID-19.

Figures released yesterday show that the number of hospital admissions now stands at just over 250.

Dr. Manning says the decline in the number of people hospitalised is important.

Dr. Andrew Manning, President of the Medical Association of Jamaica.

Meantime, President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association, JMDA, Dr. Mindi Fitz-Henley is also urging Jamaicans to not relent due to the current COVID-19 numbers trending in the right direction.

Dr. Mindi Fitz-Henley, President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association.