Doctors at Barbados’ main public medical facility, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, are performing only emergency medical procedures, due to a shortage of supplies.

Vice President of the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners, BAMP, Dr Vikash Chatrani, says the decision was taken at an emergency meeting of BAMP members on Monday.

He says representatives of the hospital’s administration were in attendance and confirmed that the hospital was experiencing critical shortages in basic and essential supplies.

Earlier this year, pharmaceutical providers to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital withdrew their services, protesting overdue payment for goods delivered.

They resumed supplies only after government paid 20-million Barbados-dollars, or 10-million-US dollars into the debt account.

Dr. Chatrani is quoted as saying, it cannot be business as usual.

He says that short-term financial injections have failed to rectify the serious situation at the hospital, and is urging the government to immediately restore adequate levels of funding in order to prevent harm to patients.

The government has not yet responded to the latest action of the doctors.