Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites, today lashed out at those teachers whom he says set poor examples for their own children at home and then expect to command the respect of other people’s children in schools.

Speaking today at the closing session of the Jamaica Teachers Association Annual Conference in St. James, Minister Thwaites says the teaching profession has no room for those who are careless fathers and loose mothers.

Ronnie Thwaites says the teaching profession has to insulate itself from the falling standards which have infiltrated so many parts of the Jamaican society.

The Education Minister says teachers can’t afford to be one person at home and another person at school.

He says persons who want to live what he calls the ‘careless’ life, are unwelcome in the teaching profession.

Minister Thwaites says parents must not send their ‘leggo beast children’ to school and expect teachers to provide behaviour modification.

Minister Thwaites says it’s time for Jamaican teachers to aspire to the highest standards of professionalism.