The Police High Command is warning criminals not to challenge the security forces, following yesterday’s killing of St. Andrew’s most wanted man, Ricardo Jones, otherwise known as ‘Puppy Paw’.

Puppy Paw is the brother of convicted leader of the Dog Paw gang, Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Linton.

Last evening, he and another man, Okemo Griffiths, also called, Plyaz, were killed by members of the Mobile Reserve at a house in Gordon Town, St. Andrew.

Its understood the house was captured by gangsters, who had evicted its lawful owner.

The head of the Mobile Reserve is Assistant Commissioner, Winchroy Budhoo.

ACP Budhoo gave details of the operation.

ACP Winchroy Budhoo, head of the Mobile Reserve.

An official at INDECOM this afternoon told our news centre that preliminary reports of the shooting, conform with the statement from the police.

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