Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, Paula Llewelyn is describing as a public health emergency the spate of child sex crimes especially in some parishes. 

She’s calling for a national task force including all the stakeholders from varying government Ministries, to adequately respond to the scourge. 

The DPP was speaking on Nationwide @5 last evening with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid. 

Chevon Campbell reports.

The DPP says up to 60% of court matters in parishes like St Mary, Portland, St Thomas and St Catherine, relate to child sex crimes. 

Ms Llewelyn says what she calls the depravity of some of those cases, have forced her to seek refuge in prosecuting murder cases instead.

She outlined a case where a mother was charged for aiding and abetting her boyfriend to rape her six year old daughter.

The DPP says access to pornography and inability of some parents to provide for the home, often play significant roles in these cases.

Ms Llewelyn says there is need for a national task force similar to the one on human trafficking.

She’s also calling for targeted interventions in schools and communities where the incidents are prevalent. 

And she says the number of social workers across the island should be tripled.