The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has taken conduct of the case involving the co-founder of the Tambourine Army, Latoya Nugent.

Nugent was arrested on March 14 and charged with 3 counts of malicious communication.

Her attorney, Queen’s Counsel Ian Wilkinson told the court he spoke with Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Yanique Brown on the matter.

Mrs. Brown is also Deputy Head of the Cyber Crimes and Digital Evidence Unit in the DPP’s office.

When the matter was called up in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court this morning the clerk of court disclosed that the matter was being reviewed by Mrs. Brown.

In an interview with Nationwide News after his appearance in court, Mr. Wilkinson declined to disclose the specifics of the allegations against his client.

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Mr. Wilkinson also promised to speak further with us on actions being contemplated by Nugent.

In a statement yesterday, the Tambourine Army said its co founder was contemplating a constitutional challenge to how the statutory provisions were used by the state resulting in her arrest and charge.

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Members of the advocacy group came out in full support of their leader this morning at the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish court.

They all wore pins with the words “To everything there is a season- a time for the silence of men, and a time for the tambourines of women”.