Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, Paula Llewellyn, says her office could rule tomorrow on the matter of the bizarre incident, in St Catherine involving alleged rogue policemen.

The incident unfolded late last month, when three policemen allegedly shot and killed a businessman at a party in Chedwin Park in the parish, before being engaged in a high-speed chase by off-duty officers.

At the end of that night, three persons were killed, including one of the alleged rogue cops, and a motorist.

Ms. Llewelyn says her office understands the increased public interest and urgency of the case.

Stevian Simmonds reports…

The incident, sparked outrage from many sectors, spawned a high level investigation, and was described by National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang, as a tipping point that led to a decision to disband the Constabulary’s Mobile Reserve.

The incident involved three alleged rogue Policemen, armed with a Police service vehicle, legal and illegal firearms, and multiple license plates, who’re accused of killing party promoter, Sheldon Daley.

It’s reported that an off duty officer who witnessed the shooting, chased the men and engaged them in gun battle.

The car transporting the alleged rogue cops, reportedly crashed at the intersection of Job Lane and Brunswick Avenue.

A similar vehicle, of a different colour, was also involved in that accident.

That vehicle was being driven by 32-year old Kevron Burrel, who also sustained gunshot injuries.

He died.

One of the alleged rogue cops, escaped the scene, and would later deny the claims while speaking with the media.

He spent eight days on the run, before turning himself in to the Police.

At a Rotary Club of Kingston meeting this afternoon, DPP Llewellyn, says the Independent Commission of Investigation has submitted the file to her office.

She says her office could rule on who’s to be charged, by tomorrow.