William Mitchell was at the Supreme Court and files this report.

Three men who hacked, shot and beheaded two women in Lauriston, St. Catherine, 8 years ago, are to be sentenced on December 11.

The men are to be sentenced by Presiding Judge, Justice Vivienne Harris.

The three pleaded guilty to non capital murder- escaping the heavier charge of capital murder.

Forty-year-old Charmaine Rattray and her 19-year-old daughter, Joeth Lynch, were murdered during an invasion of their home on July 20, 2011.

Five men were indicted on capital murder in relation to their killing.

The prosecutor, Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, Paula Llewellyn was seeking a conviction on capital-murder for all five men.

That meant, if convicted they’d face the death penalty.

But, before their trial began Fabian Smith, Roshane Goldson and Adrian Campbell pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of non-capital murder.

Evidence revealed in court shows Rattray was chopped 8- times and shot six times.

Lynch was also chopped 8-times, but shot twice – once in the head.
Both women were beheaded after they died.

Campbell eventually led the police to where he dumped the head of Joeth.

According to the caution statements given to the police by the three men, they were instructed to kill the women because they were accused of being ‘informers’.

According to the statements, in the early morning of July 20, 2011, a group of about 8 men went to the women’s home.

The men kicked off the doors to the board dwelling then proceeded to chop, shoot and behead the women.

The men carried out their gruesome act despite the women pleading their innocence and for their lives.

According to statements to the police, the women said they “didn’t do anything”.

Ms. Rattray pleaded “the blood of Jesus” against her attackers.

In their caution statements all three men express remorse for their actions.

The Crown says they accepted the guilty pleas to murder because the matter against all three met the legal threshold for that charge.

Both Adrian Campbell and Fabian Smith are represented by Tameka Harris.
Roshane Goldson is represented by Lloyd Sheckleford.

Meanwhile, the trial of the other two men accused of killing the mother and daughter in St. Catherine in 2011 began this afternoon in the Supreme Court.

Sanjay Ducally and Kemar Riley are charged with the murders of Charmaine Rattray and her daughter Joeth Lynch.

Ducally is represented by Anthony Williams and Julian Bailey.

Riley is represented by Lloyd McFarlene.

A seven member jury will hear the matter with Justice Vivenne Harris presiding.

The trial will resume tomorrow morning at 10.