Psychiatrist Dr. Saphire Longmore says even if the firefighter who climbed atop of the Half Way Tree Transport Centre in St. Andrew yesterday, didn’t intend to hurt himself, he could’ve slipped from simple fatigue and exhaustion.

Dr. Longmore assisted to deescalate the situation.

She confirmed that the fire fighter, Sergeant Leo Bennett, was in his logical state of mind.

Dr. Longmore says she acknowledges that people are passionate about their job, but responsibility is key.

Dr. Saphire Longmore, a Psychiatrist.

Sergeant Bennett, spent close to 6-hours atop the transport centre, attempting to draw attention to the working conditions of firefighters.

After hours of negotiation, he climbed down on his own.

He had staged a one man protest last year to highlight the concerns.

Bennett is slated to appear before the executives of the Brigade today, for a disciplinary hearing.

He has been on suspension since last May on half pay.