The Jamaica Labour Party’s Dr. Norman Dunn has denied a claim by the People’s National Party’s Damion Crawford that none of his chain of pharmacies is in St. Mary.

Dr. Dunn noted that he employs more than 150 people across the country, including in St. Mary. He’s made the comments as he’s rejecting a claim by the People’s National Party’s Damion Crawford.

At a PNP rally in Annotto Bay Tuesday night, Mr. Crawford said Dr. Dunn owns many pharmacies but none in the parish. But Dr. Dunn says that’s untrue, describing the claim as ‘fake news’.

In an interview this morning on Cliff Hughes Online, a confident Dr. Norman Dunn, also said he’s willing to debate his expected challenger, the PNP’s Dr. Shane Alexis.

Speaking at the PNP mass rally in South East St. Mary Tuesday night, Mr. Crawford said Dr. Dunn has all his businesses in Kingston.

But Dr. Dunn says he owns two pharmacies in Port Maria, the capital of St. Mary.

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He says he owns nine pharmacies in total. He declined to name his pharmacies in the interview, offering instead to share their names in private.

Dr. Dunn is trumpeting his track record, suggesting he’s more accomplished than Dr. Alexis.

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He suggested the PNP is ‘desperate’ for a win and says the Opposition party has failed in its representation of South East St. Mary.

Dr. Dunn says, heading into the October 30 by-election, his numbers are looking ‘excellent’.

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And, Dr. Dunn says he’s willing to face Dr. Alexis in a head-to-head debate.

Dr. Alexis has challenged him to a debate, saying he wants a contest of ideas.

While willing, Dr. Dunn says the debate would have to be organized and sanctioned by the Jamaica Debates Commission.

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