Some of the country’s lawyers are ‘dunces’ who can’t properly complete standard forms for their clients.

That’s the conclusion from Member of Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) as well as a Justice Ministry official, Carol Hughes.

They were speaking during yesterday’s PAAC meeting.

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Carol Hughes, Principal Executive Officer of the Court Management Services in the Ministry of Justice. And before her, MP for North East St. Catherine, Leslie Campbell.

Mrs. Hughes says sloppy paperwork by lawyers is contributing to delays in completing divorce matters.

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She says more than 75-percent of divorce filings at the Supreme Court are done incorrectly.

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Ms Hughes says some of the errors tend to be basic including incorrect spelling.

Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, recently revealed that a corruption racket had been uncovered at the divorce unit of the Supreme Court where employees were collecting money to expedite applications.