Both the security forces and several residents of Denham Town say the first few hours of the Zone of Special Operations have been incident free.

Our news centre today visited Denham Town where the residents are welcoming the presence of the security forces.

One of the heads of the Zones of Special Operations Communication Unit, Major Basil Jarrett, says the security forces were able to enter Denham Town incident free early this morning. He says the entire Denham Town has not been declared a zone.

He says the Zone of Special Operations ‘deliberately’ excluded the Kingston Public Hospital, the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, the Denham Town Primary School and the Denham Town Police Station.

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The residents we spoke with welcomed the presence of the security forces, including this woman, who asked that her voice be distorted.

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Another woman, who declined to give her name, says the security forces are treating residents better than during the 2010 incursion in West Kingston.

But she foresees a disruption in the nightlife of the community.

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