East Kingston Member of Parliament, Phillip Paulwell, is calling for police to be returned to what’s supposed to be a permanent police post between the warring communities in his constituency.

There have been ongoing shootings in lower Mountain View Avenue and other sections of East Kingston. Sections of Rockfort, Jarrett Lane and Brown’s Town have also been affected.

At the start of the new academic year on Monday, Mr. Paulwell says schools in his constituency were a virtual ‘ghost town’.

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In a statement to the media, Mr. Paulwell emphasized that it was appalling and inexcusable that the education of children and the daily routines of persons going about their lawful business were being disrupted.

He says innocent persons, including children returning to school, are in danger of being seriously injured or killed as a result of the violence.

The East Kingston MP says they’re currently no personnel at the permanent Police post established in the area.

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He’s also appealing to the authorities for more resources to be given to the Police to increase their effectiveness in dealing with what he’s describing as a grave situation.

On Monday, a decision was made to deploy 25 additional members of the police force to the East Kingston division.

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Mr. Paulwell says he has met with the Head of the East Kingston Police Division. He says the Police are trying their best to restore calm to the now tense area.

Meanwhile, Mr. Paulwell says the current flare up of violence is about gangsters warring for turf.

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