A top US General has admitted that many countries in the Western hemisphere have no ability to deal with an outbreak of the Ebola virus like the magnitude of that in West Africa.

Commander of US Southern Command, Marine Corps General John F. Kelly, says the disease would rage for some period of time.

Commander Kelly says a potential Ebola outbreak in Central America and the Caribbean is a real threat to the United States.

He was speaking at the National Defense University in Washington D.C

General Kelly says he does not believe there is enough vigilance at the ports of entry in the Caribbean and particularly in Central America.

He related an incident of how five Liberian men went through Trinidad and Tobago before attempting to enter the US illegally.

General Kelly says there would be a mass migration across the US-Mexico border, as thousands would attempt to flee the deadly virus.

He says there’s no way anyone can keep Ebola in West Africa.

It’s a startling statement from General Kelly who, as the man responsible for all US military activities in South and Central America and the Caribbean, oversees a slew of serious issues from human trafficking to drug trade.

General Kelly says many countries in Western hemisphere have no ability to deal with an outbreak of the sort seen in West Africa.

He says countries such as Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala would be devastated by an outbreak.