An independent member of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) is casting doubts on reports of political interference at the Electoral Office of Jamaica, EOJ.

It has been reported that former Director of Elections, Orette Fisher in his resignation letter earlier this week stated there was a growing level of political interference affecting the organisation.

The independent member, Professor Alvin Wint says he’s not aware of any sort of political influence neither by the ECJ or other external forces affecting the EOJ.

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The former Director’s sudden resignation has raised several questions; one of which was why did he resign?

In a media report on Wednesday, another ECJ member, the PNP’s Julian Robinson stated that Mr. Fisher had come under pressure from some of the other members of the Commission.

However, Professor Wint does not agree.

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When Nationwide News sought a comment from ECJ Chairman, Dorothy Pine-McLarty, she expressed that she would not be speaking on the matter until properly advised by the Commission’s attorney.

ECJ member Julian Robinson says he will also not be commenting any further on the matter until Mr. Fisher’s letter is made public.