The Education Ministry is describing as ‘misleading’ statements made by stakeholders of the University of Technology, UTech who staged a major protest at the institution today.

The disgruntled staff members and students at UTech, say the institution receives the lowest per-capita government subvention of any tertiary institution in Jamaica and less than some secondary schools.

Education Minister, Ruel Reid, says the approach by the stakeholders is unfortunate.

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Minister Reid says the government has been negotiating with the university in order to ensure that they adhere to the guidelines for approved staffing in relation to their programs.

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The Education Ministry today invited the stakeholders to meet with the Finance Ministry to discuss the concerns.

In a statement, the Education Ministry says that meeting will address issues relating to salary adjustment, duty concession and the remuneration package for staff employed to the university.

Minister Reid says it’s the Finance Ministry which can approve any additional staffing that the institution employs.

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In the meantime, The Education Ministry says it also met with the stakeholders at Utech last week, to discuss the concerns.

It says from that meeting, a verification of a post audit commenced today, and that and other relevant documentation is being prepared for submission to the Cabinet.