Education Minister, Ruel Reid, has moved to address the problems at Cumberland High School, in Portmore, St. Catherine where there’s a breakdown of discipline.

He’s summoned the Principal and Board of the school to a meeting.

This comes after the school’s Principal last week had a scuffle with a female student.

Teachers there have also protested two consecutive days this week, drawing attention to what they say is the growing indiscipline of students.

Speaking with Nationwide News today, Minister Reid says the meeting will allow all stakeholders to discuss the way forward.

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In the meantime, the Education Ministry says it’s received a preliminary report from the school’s Principal, Michael Brydson, about the incident with him and the student last Friday.

The report indicates that among other things, the Principal used a piece of stick to hit the student, who’s in Grade 9.

Speaking with our news centre yesterday, Mr. Brydson admitted he hit the student. However, he says it was only to reprimand her.

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The preliminary report also says the female student threw a stone which damaged the rear windshield of the principal’s vehicle.

Minister Reid says a thorough investigation is being done by several entities including the Police and the Office of the Children’s Advocate to determine the facts of this case and to ensure that the rule of law is upheld.

He says the Ministry is fully aware of the lack of perimeter fencing at a section of the school, adding that a commitment has been given to fix that.